We take care of your property

Remaining faithful to the close and genuine relationship with your guests.

we build trust
with local expertise
and above the average income
to you.

Direct Synchronization

By uploading your property to RentExperience you are automatically sending it to all the main worldwide commercial channels.

Booking Requests

RentExperience assures that all booking requests and all guest inquiries are answered.

Commission Included

All commercial channels charge commission per booking. RentExperience includes this commission for all management plans.

Efficiency since the PRE-BOOKING

For us, each guest is not just another reservation. We build trust and confidence with a welcoming feeling.

24/7 Guest Support

Whether it is day or night, we are always on top of any event so that all possible guests are not left unanswered.

Response Times

Fast response time means more bookings. A quick and proper response is essential to guarantee that any possible guest books your property.

Exclusive mobile application

RentExperience offers a mobile app. With many services and functionalities, ours guests have more comfort and convenience in the palm of their hands.

thoughtful during the whole STAY.

Our local experience: from welcome to see you soon.


The RentExperience operational team is properly trained and prepared to welcome your guests. Customer satisfaction is a number one priority.


We always want to check that everything went well during your guests stay and also to check that your property is in the same state as when you delivered it to us.


Never worry again with cleaning your property each time a guest leaves, we take care of it for you.

Problem Solving

Has a light bulb stopped working? Is the air conditioning out of order? Is the door knob broken? Not to worry.. We will take care of it for you and for your guests.

Basic Commodities

For the Full Management properties, we offer basic commodities such as: soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, dishwasher liquid, tea, coffee, among others…


We do not want your guests lost in a city they do not know. Whether they arrive by car or plane, we will give them precise directions to the property they are renting.


We will suggest several tourist attractions and must-see locations to your guests so that we can provide a more enriched stay from a cultural point of view. They will appreciate it.


Optimize Results

The RentExperience Platform was specifically designed and planned for short-term rental and all respective owner needs.


Wherever you are, you can now check all bookings in real-time and through any mobile device.


You decide the amount you wish to receive for each night booked. You can vary the amount according to market demand, taking advantage of high seasons to maximize profitability.


Intend to spend a few days holiday in your property? All you need to do is to block the dates you are coming on the platform and no booking request will be accepted for those dates.

Account Manager

All RentExperience properties have a dedicated Account Manager that is responsible for all related matters.

24/7 Support

Our owner support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sign in to the RentExperience platform and create a ticket explaining your problem.

Invoices and Documents

In the Document area in RentExperience you can download invoices and preview any legal document that is related to your activity.

Online Upload

Uploading a property online with RentExperience is simple, quick and intuitive. There is no limit for the number of properties you can have, it is as easy as: insert and monetize.


It is a legal obligation to communicate to SEF all personal data of all guests. You can use the RentExperience platform to simplify and speed up this process.



There is a lot of legal bureaucracy involved but to be in the short term rental business you only have two choices: deal with all the bureaucracy or leave that to the RentExperience team.

Market Study

Do you have doubts that short term rental is the right type of rental for your property? Speak to us and get to know your property’s potencial.


Don’t have time to deal with all the invoicing related to your property activity? We have what is required to take those worries away.


Be a RentExperience homeowner

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